Aug 16

Reuters bans RAW photo submission

News and photography agency Reuters has recently issued a statement triggering an outright ban on photographs captured and handed in RAW format.

Freelance contributors have instead being asked to only submit images that were processed and stored as JPEG inside the camera.
As per Reuters, there are 2 reasons for this action – one, there’s the matter of alacrity: RAW photos required to be processed by the photographer and that takes a lot of time – and when someone is reporting on a breaking story, one does not get much time; secondly, Reuters wants its snaps to closely reflect reality (journalistic), and it is thoughtful that some RAW snaps are being processed to a point where they do not stay real.
Speaking to PetaPixel, a Reuters spokesperson said that as photojournalists working for the world’s largest international multimedia news provider, Reuters Pictures photographers work in line with their Photographer’s Handbook as well as the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. As eyewitness accounts of events covered by dedicated and responsible journalists, Reuters Pictures must reflect reality. While they aim for photography of the highest aesthetic quality, their goal is not to artistically interpret the news.
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Apr 16

Community Library photography exhibit

The Community Library has released a brand new exhibit named The Eclectic Portrait showcasing the snapshots of local artist Jim Britt. The exhibition is part of the “Art in the Lecture Hall Series,” of the library that was created previous year to showcase art with local links. The series would feature 3 exhibits each year.

photography exhibit

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Dec 15

Wildlife photography exhibit in South Africa

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibit, now in its 51st year, from Natural History Museum of London is being presented at the Chavonnes Battery Museum (V&A Waterfront), 1st December, Tuesday. Earlier this year, Prince Harry, who is on his South Africa tour, with VIP guests including British High Commissioner Judith Macgregor and Premier Helen Zille were regaled to a private viewing of this year’s magnificent pictures.

The world-renowned exhibit is on loan from London’s Natural History Museum in London – featuring interesting animal behavior to stunning wild landscapes – and would be on showcase in Cape Town till 15th April, 2016. Thereafter it would go to Johannesburg in May and then to Durban later in 2016.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, funded by PlainSailing, is one of the highly regarded photography events, offers a great global platform for photographers. It presents the natural world’s most challenging and astonishing sights for more than fifty years – and this year there are thirteen photographs by South African Finalists and Winners for the different categories featured.

Pretoria based wildlife photographer Morkel Erasmus has been recently lauded London’s Natural History Museum for his black and white photograph showing an elephant calf framed perfectly between its mother’s legs.

Though Morkel’s snapshot would not be considered for WPY grand prize, it was one of about hundred photos out of fifty-thousand entries to be commended by the Natural History Museum. Sophie Dandridge, the event organizer, said that they are proud to bring this inspirational exhibition of the best wildlife photos in the world to South Africa for the 8th year running.

Jun 15

Vineland Public Library set to Feature a photography exhibit

During April, Vineland Public Library would feature a photography showcase named Travels – Photography on the Go by Nathan Farbman. Well, the man purchased his very first camera while working with US Army in Vietnam. He was in a recon unit where he got air miles for frequent missions in the Central Highlands and was handed an Air Medal.

He had expected to click the pictures of highlands and a lot more of this beautiful nation before he was discharged from the Army in 1967. After that he traveled through Scandinavia, Western Europe and the Soviet Union. That was the time when the seed for future travel was rooted. He told that he wanted to see the world, its art, its architecture as well as meet their people. Continue reading →

Jun 15


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May 15

Learn Photography for Bloggers with Lindsay Ostrom

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