Photography Tips – Action Photography

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  1. JohnPabloHassan

    Are you choosing the iso as you go? Or using auto?

  2. amezing nice work dear ……..

  3. james canonuser

    no a true panning shot is around the speed as he describes its all in the technique…

  4. it’s called “panning”. search for it

  5. I’ve seen some sports photos where the moving subject is in focus but the whole background is out of focus, can you explain how to create this effect?

  6. wow

  7. ;-)

  8. That’s the point. You WANT blur with this sort of shot. It’s kind of hard to shake if you’re moving along side the action you want blurred. (I think i said that in a way that makes sense, lol)

  9. great video, again nice job

  10. TheFamilyguy421

    Another excellent photography tutorial. Thanks man. Keep them coming. Your videos are very useful. Thanks!

  11. i am a fan from egypt, luv u karl

  12. who the hell would dislike this! 9 sad people in this world. Your vids are amazing by the way! 🙂

  13. This guy is amazing

  14. Very good shots!!!!

  15. Because he is using a fast shutter speed

  16. what shutter speed would you use to take a photo of a swimmer, swimming?

  17. he’s doing that for the panning shots in his wide angle lens to give a blurry moving like image… gosh! he used 1/1000 and 1/2500 iso 800 on the telephoto to freeze the shots… omg…

  18. I would have to disagree on that point. On a sunny and bright day, most speeds are around 200-500 of a second at ISO 200 which is fast enough for freeze action.

  19. With a High ISO you can get even faster shutter speeds and with sensors these days ISO 800 is almost noiseless.

  20. Why are you using ISO 800 on a shiny day? Wouldn’t it be better to use ISO 100/200?

  21. wel what lens are you using? Longer lenses require steadyer shots.

  22. Love the video :)! keep on whit good work:)!

  23. greatest video about photography! He is on action !

  24. one thing he should have added to this tutorial is body position, like a golfer you need to ‘follow through’ your shot when panning to keep your movement smooth as possible – panning shots will not look so good if half way through the shot your body is twisted in an uncomfortable or un-natural position as this may cause you to ‘snatch’ the shot and give unwanted up/down blurring.. 🙂

  25. Love the info!