Street Portrait Photography Tips

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  1. Ricardo Colmenero


  2. Patrick Manning

    What lens is best for street photography

  3. Hey! I’m Brittany.I did -40 lbs in 2 month.Open

  4. Hi Hoppo5970,
    I think that is interesting to see how people make arguments when they don´t have any idea of what they are talking about.
    Is LearnMyShot in the street: YES, is LearMyShot taking photos: YES…..but still isn´t street photography because he don´t have any idea of the CONCEPTS of S Ph, capito?
    But basically, when you have no obvious talent, you’d resort to doing stunts like these, like LMS.
    Please I invite you to learn about photography styles and more in deep about street.

  5. He is in the street taking photos but stil isn’t street photography. He and you don’t understand the concept of street photography

  6. Shaun Hopkinson

    I see sky, sunlight, outside wall (usually found in streets), apartment blocks, hundreds of people, a wheel, a beach (just off the street). Nope, you’re right that’s not street photography (he said sarcastically)!

  7. Shaun Hopkinson

    The room is so big it has apartment blocks and a big wheel in the background then!

  8. Hola,
    I think that your work (at least in this video) is documentary and not street photography. S Ph is about catch the moment without any intervention from the photographer, you just wait and see before things happen, but you don´t make the moment saying to the people do this or that. Beside that your equipment is not right for street photography, where you need small and mostly always prime lenses. I insist on saying that in this video you are making documentary photography.
    Best regards!

  9. When you have no obvious talent, you’d resort to doing stunts like these

  10. saddly, you don´t have any idea of what is street photography

  11. Thats why its called Street Portrait Photography.

  12. 24-70 f 2.8l canon

  13. Beach photography?

  14. Which lens did u use for the shots? Looking Good!

  15. The moment you ask people to pose for your shot…

  16. Great shots.. How to post pross your images. They look stunning.

  17. yes

  18. is that a 24-70mm 2.8 L glasss ??

  19. Niiiiiiice

  20. great 🙂
    I will try and learn it:)

  21. This video is useless

  22. no, I was not planing to use images for commercial use.

  23. Alessandro Schiariti


  24. Nice vid. Mind if you do a video on how you edit in LR? Thanks. I’d appreciate it a lot

  25. Ashley Hercules

    Did you get any signed release forms?