Winter Photography Tips

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  1. @Dombowerphoto lol. All the above mate, all the above. Cheers Jim

  2. @Coccc22 pro cameras like d700 and 5d and everything up have superiour
    weather sealing so they can usually fall in snow and not get damaged, but I
    really don’t know for your camera if it has some weather sealing. but it
    will be probably ok, just keep wiping the snow off the camera. another
    thing are lenses since they have more spaces for the water to creep in (two
    rings) so I wouldn’t put non L lenses in heavy snow, but otherwise any lens
    should resist some snow. just keep everything clean :)=

  3. Here in Ontario, Canada, where it’s above freezing, no snow. Wondered where
    it was. It went to Edinburgh, so Dom could make a vid. lol I like
    snow…..just not a fan of shoveling. But how come Edinburgh gets it
    first??? Guess nobody puts snow tires on either. Great vid Dom, I always
    learn something new or a reminder of things forgotten. Seeing other far
    away places always interesting.

  4. the first picture is alot better in my eyes i dont like the +2 one

  5. @FinlandApollo you have made it into an hdr already? then you will have to
    photoshop correct the colours if it is too blue

  6. Thanks mate. Man your making me home sick. I am an Edinburgh man but live
    in the USA. Haven’t been home in about 3 years. Thanks for all your tips
    and help with Photography mate. Cheers Jim

  7. you are going to have to get some ND Filters for the front of your lens,
    you can get one calle the big stopper which is 10stops of light it inhibits
    from reaching your sensor.

  8. Really good video! And the last one looked like a HDR 🙂

  9. shot and edited today. sunday on the 28th of november in scotland and there
    is this much snow! amazing, very unusual. might not have to go to work
    tomorrow if it stays like this

  10. Cool video, Dom 🙂

  11. @Coccc22 if you have a ziplock bag and it’s not full of holes you can put
    it in there and then bring it in a warm place, leaving it for at least an
    hour to accomodate to temperature change. better is to leave it in your
    backpack or something and also leave it alone for a hour to get slowly

  12. In the second pic + 2, I think that the sky is too bright, too much

  13. @Dombowerphoto which is why you’re supposed to squeeze out the air and seal
    the bag outdoors, before bringing the lens in. As long as there is
    little-to-no water-vapor/air in the bag, the condensation will only occur
    on the outside of the bag.

  14. @ragnarocking It’s just best to leave your camera in the bag for a few
    minutes so it will be able to adapt to the warmer temperature. Condensation
    is nothing more than the water molecules in gas state getting cooled down
    by the cold surface of the lens, and going back to liquid state. When your
    camera is warmed up a bit condensation will not happen anymore and you’ll
    be a happy photographer again !

  15. @pipesgt you missing the history? the culture? the architecture? the
    abusive amount of drinking and the the guilt free small poluting cars

  16. @johnet326 hello canada! noone in edinburgh has snow tires. this is super
    unusual weather here!

  17. One question mate.. what White balance settings to use while shooting in
    the snow?

  18. @wesleyscoggins always shoot raw if you can

  19. @gilegraam thanks for that. If I was shooting during a snowfall would it
    get damaged from melting snow that falls on the camera? i have a new t2i so
    want to take good care of my baby.

  20. Top Tip Dom, thanks,

  21. Wesley Scoggins

    You shooting in RAW or JPEG?

  22. @FinlandApollo image -> adjustments -> color balance and use the
    blue/yellow slider in blacks, mids, and highs.

  23. @ChrYssbulanu never get lighting in scotland, none that is interesting.
    wont be having a review or tutorial of that any time soon

  24. @Coccc22 it is not the most weather proof, best put it in a bag or get a
    waterproof cover for it. I shall try and find a link for them and put it on
    the blog

  25. CCPhotographyandFilm

    Inspiring and informative video… added to favourites. Thanks for sharing