Colin Varndell’s passion

Over ten years, Colin Varndell made his living as wildlife photographer. And, he has always proved he has everything that he has talents to take common things to extraordinary. He stated that his secret behind this is all his patience and simple things.

He stated that he believe the secret to successful photography stays in patience and simplicity, keeping snaps as uncomplicated as possible as well as waiting for that very special moment. There have been a whole lot of special moments.

Many of his snaps have won him international and national titles. His pictures have also been published in several magazines. He studies wildlife closely at his Netherbury home and when he has to he goes further in the county.

Partly because of passion and partly through necessity, his knowledge of the natural world has increased and because of these reasons he is in very high demand to offer his illustrated talks.

Meanwhile, for the 2nd year in a row, Greece photographer Grippo-Pike has a picture in Seneca Park Zoo’s calendar, taken when she was working for Wedding Photographer Cheshire. Her winning snap this year is of one of the zoo’s Golden Lion Tamarins. She worked as a newspaper as a photojournalist for fourteen years before making a leap of faith to follow her very own creative hobbies as an independent pro photographer in 2010s November.

Her business named Captured By Carrie Photography has exploded since then. Her Facebook page has more than 18000 fans. She is also in demand for her private shoots.

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