Dec 14

67th Wedding Anniversary of the Queen Photos

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and his wife Queen Elizabeth II was welcomed with a flypast on their visit to the most northerly RAF base of the United Kingdom to mark their 67th Wedding Anniversary. The royal couple’s tour was greeted when a Tornado jet and two Typhoons flew over the Lossiemouth in Moray.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip married on the 20th of November 1947 and they made a overnight journey from London on the Royal Train to Elgin and from there they were driven to Lossiemouth where they interacted with the pilots as well as their families. They were first greeted by a royal parade and then the couple took the grand salute. Continue reading →

Apr 14

Photography exhibit from Venice Biennale 2013

Direct from Venice Biennale 2013, the City Gallery delivers Lexicon. It is an exhibit by well known Dutch fashion and art photographer named Viviane Sassen. All the snaps in Lexicon were clicked in Africa. Viviane spent 3 years of her childhood in a village in Kenya. Later, when she was five years old, she and her family came back to the Netherlands. She told that her childhood days spent in Africa was a shaping experience for her.

Viviane Sassen told that to her, Africa is all about strong contrasts and vivid colors of dark and light. Working in Africa opens the doors of his subconscious widely. His dreams are vivid when she is there.
Africa is a ladened subject for Western artists.

She told that she is aware of the whole debate about her drawing black people in Africa as a white European woman, and of her being in control because she is carrying the camera. But, she is not really much interested in that argument because her work comes from a very private and personal place. When she is in Africa, she feels like she is coming home. Still, she also feels that she is not one of them.

Last year, Robert Leonard, the City Gallery’s chief curator Viviane’s Lexicon at Venice Biennale last year. He told that at first, she was totally baffled. He did not know how to read it as staged or as documentary, as fiction or fact. The work was haunted by politics, but he could not tell whether they were the photographer’s or his own. Then he realized that Sassen was intentionally provoking the mix-up situation.

Nov 13

Florida Times Union gets photo awards

The Florida Times Union got 6 first position honors from Florida Press Clubs Excellence in Journalism Competition that includes 3 photography classes the newspaper spanned. The photographers of the Times Union got the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spot prizes in general news, feature as well as sports feature photography.

All Times Unions 4 full time snappers  Will Dickey, Tim Hensel, Bob Self and Bob Mack, took 1st or 2nd spot in at least 1 category. Altogether, Times Union received twenty two 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot titles in Florida Press Clubs forty classes. 13 of those titles were in the photography classes. Previous year, the paper received thirty five awards. This was the 62nd annual contest for the Florida Press Club.

Adam Kealoha Causey and Kate Howard Perry got the 3rd spot in Lucy Morgan award class for their series of tales recording how the Florida State College, President Steven Wallace used foundation and college money.

After the tales were issued previous year, Governor Rick Scott asked for an investigation and Steven Wallace stepped down. Now, Perry covers high education at Omaha World Herald, as well as Causey is now an initiative as well as investigative reporter at Las Vegas Review Journal.

Mark Woods received the 1st spot for commentary writing as well as 2nd spot in feature writing category. Steve Nelson got the 1st position in the infographic presentation. Jim Schoettler got the 2nd spot in public safety class as well as 3rd spot in general news category.

Sep 13

Global photography contest

Beating around the water a huge fish catches its prey between its teeth; this magnificent snap of a bear holding its lunch magnificently catches both the ferocious power and beauty of the natural world.

Italian photographer Valter Bernardeschi’s magnificent snap taken in the Lake Kuril Kamchactka’s waters in Russia is one of hundred snaps set to go on exhibit as part of 2013 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award at Natural History Museum in London, United Kingdom. Continue reading →

Jul 13

Top photography exhibit

The 2011 British Wildlife Photography Awards touring exhibit is now going on at Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath, and it will go through the summer 1st September, Sunday. Among all the works featured in this exhibit is that of Crich photographer Andy Parkinson, one of the winners in the national contest.

Andy told that it was great that this exhibit is in Derbyshire. This is one of the beautiful places in the country, with diversity of wildlife and fantastic wealth. It is the place he specifically decided to move to forge his career as a wildlife photographer. Andy has 3 snaps in the exhibit that were taken just few miles away from the Matlock Bath. The exhibit would be good for local economy as well as for local people to see the wealth of wildlife in British Isles, as well as his prized manchester united canvas.

Mr Parkinsnon added that British Wildlife Photography Awards is the national contest where wildlife photographers test themselves against their peers. This event is one of the prestigious events in the wildlife photographers’ journal. In this event amateurs can also take part along with pro photographers.

The great thing about this digital revolution is several people now have magnificent photography kits. Part of the happiness of wildlife photography is being in the perfect place at this point of right time. Nature can unexpectedly and suddenly deliver a moment of huge beauty and it is up to the photographer to capture it. He would encourage all people to come and see this exhibit.

May 13

Sartore speaks about his photography

The Van Wert region is now in for a treat on Sunday. Joel Sartore, a National Geographic photographer, will offer a look at some of his beautiful snaps photos at Van Wert’s Niswonger Performing Arts Center. Joel Sartore has produced over thirty stories from across the planet as a freelance photographer for this very magazine. At the same time he is also a speaker, an author and a teacher, who loves to entertain his audience with his adventure stories and comedic personality.

Joel told that he prefers to take photographs to make this world a better place. The major project of his career is the Photo Ark, that consists of photos of all living species in this world. After 8 years, he is halfway through this program. It is very important for him to capture some of these species which are almost near extinction and to make people recognize them.

Joel told that he realizes that for many species in this world, time is running out quickly. Half of the world’s species will be threatened with extinction very soon, and the ark is one man’s effort to reveal what is really at stake as well as an effort to get people to care when there is time left. In 8 years, Joel Sartore has compiled snaps of over 2650 species to date and there are several to come.

This assignment and others for the National Geographic have taken Joel across world to some beautiful and challenging environments. One of his favorite location is Antarctica. This is a place where the wild species would walk right up to him as he clicks their snaps. Joel told that Antarctica is place where mankind never got an opportunity to spoil.