Mar 13

Wisconsin students travel to India to teach the power of pictures

Before this month finishes, twelve teens from Wisconsin, United States will be at the Himalayan Mountains foothills, getting acquainted with around fifty kids who will gladly follow dirt ways 2 or more hours to meet them. They will go to Pragpur village, which is near the Kangra Valley of India. It is around four hundred miles north of the Taj Mahal. Visitors to the township went to purchase jewelry, quilts and shawls after seeing weavers and silversmiths at the town market.

In this place, some people have no electricity or even running water. Trip co-ordinator Lori Sra told that these kids really have no chance unless they speak English and can get into a university. Kids without shoes cannot go to school, and more importantly, without an education, there is hardly any hope of escaping impoverishment.

Lori, 2 other adults as well as the Wisconsin students represent the University Lake School in Hartland, which is near Milwaukee, and they will teach the kids in India how pictures can say as loudly and clearly as words. The group from Wisconsin as well as others from Missouri and Georgia will use sixty digital cameras donated by Nikon to inspire, comminicate and educate as a part of their Children Learning International Cultures Abroad program. The group from the United states were very enthusiastic going to India and take part in this activity.

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