Apr 15

Instagram new photo collage application

Even though ‘collaging’ photo has been quite popular on Instagram for sometime now, if you wanted to blend multiple photos into a single square frame, then you had to depend on to a 3rd party application such as Diptic or Pic Collage to do it.

One negative aspect of these 3rd party platforms is that they often had a limited number of styles to break the frame and you had to apply a border to break your snapshots. Today Instagram started a photography collage application of their own named Layout that is presently available just for iOS.

When opened, the very first thing the application asks you to do is to select the snaps that you would prefer to add in your collage – a great departure from the 3rd party applications that asks you to select your grid first. Users will be able to select up to nine snapshots and when you select – the app will give you options as how to arrange the snaps. It also eliminates the borders that offer a clearer look. Continue reading →

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