Digital Photography How To Shoot Baseball

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  1. Paul Rodrigues

    Love these please do more

  2. So basically your photos were better because you can afford a 2.8. Great

  3. less postman fro and more time teaching in this way

    ; see ya.

  4. Fro when will you host a hockey shoot ??

  5. Great advice.

  6. I have been waiting for content like this. thank you

  7. I only motor drive during my own baseball games to break down my brother’s
    pitching and his swing. He does the same for my at bats. When photographing
    other games I shoot single to challenge myself. I guess growing up in
    Baseball helps :)

  8. jeremy Gallegos

    how do we obtain a press pass to start freelancing sports events 

  9. im scared to go pass 800 iso…how do u get your shoots to look less grainy
    with the iso you guys were using

  10. @crapper1 of course there all important and thats not easily conveyed in a
    short video. Many of my readers are beginners looking for a starting point.
    Once you have a starting point than you can go explore and start to
    understand the different settings. Blowing out the background aka creating
    separation between your subject and background.

  11. Stancecoalition Tom

    @GroffinTiffin that would be me and yes mommy and daddy did buy my things
    just like the d700 thats in the mail. Its not my fault you are not as
    successful as they are

  12. AWagnerPhotography

    you should come out to San Fran, and do this for the San Jose Giants AAA

  13. how do u separate the subject from the back ground if this is in the glass
    please give me a suggestion to buy my first lens I just got the Nikon D3100
    tk u just getting started love ur videos they have been awesome

  14. What is picture control on Nikon

  15. @rokoksejuk I know im not the Fro but i would recommend the sigma 70-200mm
    f2.8 Its not as good as the nikon version of course, but way cheaper

  16. Musicmixer1994

    Is a 18-55mm VR lens good for baseball? The aperture is 3.5-5 i think? It
    comes with a nikon d3000 im gunna buy maybe next month(i heard its a good
    beginner camera)

  17. lucky guys i wish i was there! come to AZ!!!

  18. I was at this game. They were playing Newark and were wearing pink for
    Breast Cancer Awareness. Great Fireworks as well. Got some great shots with
    my D300. Good Vid.

  19. @mzfcker remember it’s the parent’s 🙂

  20. Anshuman Gaikwad

    He Jared cool video hope to see more behind the scene vdos in
    future…….. dey help a lot…

  21. Lars August-Nelleman

    At the 21:29 photo, you could have zoomed in a little on the pitcher in my

  22. chester cheetah

  23. Have you ever shot for the trenton thunder, I know you’re from jersey and i
    live right out side of there and it would be awesome if you did this at the
    trenton thunder.

  24. @mzfcker he has a d200 and a basic lens the other gear is mine.

  25. Please come to Toronto Canada 🙂