Macro Photography – Extension Tubes Explained

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  1. Not a good start to say video tutorials within a poorly composed frame.
    Composition is part of learning video even when it’s not the subject. But
    the rest was good.

  2. +Jay SonyAlphaLab I’ve got a Nikon d700 and a 50mm prime I need to do some
    jewellery shots, bracelets rings etc, will I get enough DOF all the
    examples I’ve seen have very shallow DOF.

  3. I just wonder why you would use a glass object for an example of Macro
    photography, why not a solid object or pick a flower…why glass?

  4. Awesome video about Macro Photography and Extension tubes. I always
    wondered what they did (still not owning a real DSLR camera) so great to
    see some short-cuts to get into macro photography.

  5. no offend here though…How is this “explained” how extension tubes work.
    You only show what they do. 

  6. Quick question. I have had manual tubes before and you can only focus at a
    given distance so you have to physically move the camera until it is in
    focus. Now I have a macro lens and I can focus close or at regular
    distances with the lens. Do the electronic tubes allow me to do the same?
    Basically with your tubes could you have turned around and focused at
    something 5 ft away etc and caught focus with those tubes on like a macro
    lens has the option to be a regular lens or macro when wanting to focus

  7. christian deo Sumangil

    Can I used also the extension for my 40mm lens?

  8. ipanase megison

    how to set F on manual macro ex?

  9. Michael Merritt

    Great video and demonstration, thanks!

  10. 🙂 

  11. Stop saying “check this out.” Immature and irritating.


    Hello, I am looking for extension tubes to be used with my D5100 and 18-55
    kit lens. When I look in amazon/ ebay I could see many options. What are
    the factors I should look for choosing the best one? Please advise….

  13. Does it have to be Kenko? Can I use a no-brand one?

  14. foniko marouli

    very nice explained.good for you

  15. LouiseAnne Delia

    thanks it was helpful

  16. I’ve got the Nex 5N and want to do some Super Macro photography, but I am
    on a tight budget.. what to get?

    I’ve allready got a MD 50mm 1:1.7 Minolta lens (with adapter for the Sony
    Nex ofcourse).

    And the 18-55 kit lens that came with the camera.

    Where to begin?

  17. Thanks,i will purchase my very first Digital SLR camera soon, i have
    learned something from you now, I was using Kodak DX7590 for the past 14
    years and finally the joystick menu navigation button broke.

  18. Great video!

    I’m trying to wrap my head around the physics of extension tubes… By
    adding one on do they alter magnification in any way or is it just that you
    can get closer, therefore increasing magnification that way? 

  19. Awesome vid explaining extension tubes… Thanks!!!!

  20. Curtis Dambra

    if the image is blur you are too far get closer and closer until you find
    something in focus :)

  21. how is the image quality affected if I want to sell my pics?

  22. its my understanding focusing distance is the sensor to the subject, not
    the front of the lens element

  23. Simon Håkansson

    Excellent video, thanks!

  24. Hi mate, Is it possible to put these extension tubes onto a bigger
    super-tele lens, I.E. A sigma 150-500? Thanks for your help.

  25. clickerdogtraining

    Will this work on cheap kit lenses?