Community Library photography exhibit

The Community Library has released a brand new exhibit named The Eclectic Portrait showcasing the snapshots of local artist Jim Britt. The exhibition is part of the “Art in the Lecture Hall Series,” of the library that was created previous year to showcase art with local links. The series would feature 3 exhibits each year.

photography exhibit

Library’s executive director Jenny Emery Davidson stated that they have this magnificent lecture hall space that is quite frequently filled with people, and they wanted to capitalize on the scope to have the walls be interesting as well to display subject matter that would engage the general public. They are promoting thought and promoting creativity.

In this series, backed by restaurant offers manchester, the first exhibit started last Thursday and it features the photography of Jim Britt, the Wood River Valley resident. “The Eclectic Portrait” exhibit features some magnificent snapshots of some of the most famous performers of the twentieth century, and evocative photographs of the ‘man on the street.

Davidson stated that some of the portrait shots include those of local people hanging next to portraits of well known people. She told that they believe that this is a great juxtaposition of the local and the legendary.

Jim’s portfolio includes photographs of Michael Jackson, Mohammed Ali, Robin Williams, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and Ray Charles. His work is added in the permanent accumulation of Smithsonian Portrait Gallery as well as in Smithsonian’s book “American Cool.” He told that he focuses on portrait photography because portraits are the most beautiful thing.


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