10 top tips for travel photographers by What Digital Camera

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  1. Hey! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My friend Bex made some mind blowing photos with their photography tutorials.

  2. pooh1234567890

    Use what you have. I got some great shots from a Pentax point and shoot for 7 years before I could afford an SLR. You can even pick up a point and shoot from a charity shop for a fiver!! I’ve seen pictures from a good photographer with P and S that were as good as people using SLR who didn’t know what they were doing!

  3. Txema Serrano VF

    Useful tips. Thanks.

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  5. dude i survived with a Konica Minolta A2 for 3 years i doubt ur worse off than that

  6. ThePhotoXpeditions

    Thank you for the tips! You basically covered all the elements in travel photography.

  7. and this is when I laugh.

  8. Oh..yes.. 🙂 My mistake. Thanks.

  9. a aperture like f22 is very small and a aperture like f0.7 is very big.
    small f-number = big aperture
    big f-number = small aperture 

  10. ParkourSchweiz

    this tipss suck…check out karl taylor! he gives some realy great tips!

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  12. maybe big aperture ,like f22+

  13. Your Tips are really awesome…

  14. Cool tips!!

  15. Marina de Haan

    Hi, I was just making a blog about travel photo’s when I discovered your video. Great, it wil help my clients to make even better pictures!

  16. joemobumtwizzler

    good vid. cheers all round

  17. How did you get the forground and background in perfect foucus?

  18. Would you rather pay money out of pocket for it? Web hosting ain’t free, you know.

  19. 0:09 douchebag head twist. otherwise a nice video.



  22. at 2.18-2.26….the sun is not actually behind the statue…! See the shade of those ppl on the seashore, they have the sun behind them..!

  23. adventurem210

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  24. Marsha Thornton

    This is very good advice, especially if you are a beginner. I too find early morning and late afternoon have the best light for great photographs. Thank you for sharing these pics and tips.

  25. thanks for sharing an amazing video 🙂