Photography tips for your boudoir photo shoot

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  2. Did you shoot the pictures in RAW??

  3. Were radio triggers used for this?

  4. I am very confused… what is the advantage to setting the WB to 10K?

  5. I tried setting the whitebalance to 10.000 K and ….. no, not happy with that. Too yellowish. I’ll just keep it at flash setting and adapt the color in Photoshop

  6. Sacs

  7. A must subscribe Channel

  8. wow!!!!

  9. Love your outfits man!

  10. I love your videos Michael ! keep on making them!!!
    btw, did you photoshoped her leg at 5:10 =P hehe

  11. photographerjonathan

    I like how your mind works, nice video, what do you think about the new Canon 600 speed lights ? and are there any flash equipment recommendations you can give me, strobe / speed light, also flash trigers like pocket wizards and what are your favorite Canon lenses for these types of shoots ? or just in general

  12. great e-book

  13. TheAppleWhispererHD

    hot damn! for a minute i was just watching the girl and didnt listened to the tips XD

  14. Christopher Hurst

    excellent tip

  15. You are AMAZING! Thank you very much for these!

  16. You sound like the main German guy from inglorious bastards

  17. Awesome pics

  18. fap fap.. thank you come again lol

  19. Fap Fap Fap… bye bye :,D

  20. very useful, will try this right away. thank you 🙂

  21. I do most of my shooting in a hotel as well. Hotel bathrooms, especially if they have marble walls, give a great all around light. One SB-24 at 1/8 is often enough. The lamp is a neat trick. Done simolar things. can stick a small flash in almost any small space. Have yr model open a fridge that has a small flash with bluefilter in it. Good effect

  22. PhillipRuthardt

    worst english ever^^

  23. Ich find, die Lampe bei den meisten Bildern stört ein bischen… Aber nichts desto trotz – schöne Fotos!

  24. Move your lights in closer. Light falls off faster the closer it is to your subject (inverse square law) and evens out the farther away it is.

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