Make Your Photo Slideshow Better: Photography tips

Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Hi dom watched the video, great! gave me some creative vibe to do a slide show of my photography! thanks!! cheers mate!

  2. it can all be done in an matter of minutes or if you are trying to match it to the beats of a song and get it in time and also if you are trying to find the right song, it can take a long time

  3. Hey Dom about how long did it take you to do the whole slide show? You kinda made it look easy…..Great work!

  4. Helpful video, I will definitely try out some of this stuff, cuz yeah my photography videos are boring.

  5. amandadiazdotcom

    Dom is the Bomb!!! lol


  7. Dom, Sorry, I missed which app you used to create the video.  Which one is it again?

  8. @evenode agreed!!

  9. Nice vid Dom… what song was that?

  10. 1001freefonts [dot] com

  11. photos are stunning..

  12. yeh i know, great video showing off how to do it.. your doing a great job teaching how to do stuff, you are awesome at that. Just dont think the transition style donst work for theese images, atleast just in the start, the ones closer to the end is great.

    Have a great day

  13. that wasnt the point, it was to give you ideas and to make you do it yourself.

  14. Dont really dig the intro/outro and the “flow” of the images, but just my taste.

  15. he said ‘screenflow’ and he didn’t say 2:01 but 2:06 🙂

  16. Did you tell her that her slideshow SUCKED, just like that?

  17. I definitly did, at 2:06 also if you put the video on hd and you put it full screen you can clearly see it saying screenflow at the top right of the screen when my head is not in the way. but this video is not really about screenflow it is about little tricks to do with the photos in a video which almost any editing software can do.

  18. Great vid! What video software did you use?

  19. just watched it again… you did not actually mention the video software you used. Thanks for the front tip… already downloaded a couple

  20. @ dom….opps my bad.. … meant to say dom..not dan…. thanks… btw love all your videos

  21. I agree, I was never one for Apple, but I played with the Macbook Pro and I want to sell my PC desktop as soon as possible.

  22. Fair enough. I just find it hard to follow a bit sometimes, I guess that is my point. As I say I enjoy your videos and learn a lot for free so who am I to complain, just thought I would give you some feedback….

  23. @BMamie who is dan? and if you are referring to this video listen to the bit at @2:01

  24. hey dan. what video editing software did you use.. great job by the way ”,

  25. i must admit i am a big fan of mac now, didnt before i got one but now i have one i wont ever go back to PC. Steve Jobs was a smarty pants in getting us all to part with such huge sums of cash