Global photography contest

Beating around the water a huge fish catches its prey between its teeth; this magnificent snap of a bear holding its lunch magnificently catches both the ferocious power and beauty of the natural world.

Italian photographer Valter Bernardeschi’s magnificent snap taken in the Lake Kuril Kamchactka’s waters in Russia is one of hundred snaps set to go on exhibit as part of 2013 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award at Natural History Museum in London, United Kingdom.

An exhibit of finalists from this year’s well known contest is to go on exhibit next month, with judges unveiling just a handful of the stunning pictures that were entered as a sneak preview.

Now in its forty ninth year, the contest, ran by the BBC Wildlife Magazine and Block paving Marple and it has attracted a staggering forty three thousand entries from both professional and amateur photographers from ninety six nations around the world this year.

The exhibit will also feature United States photographer Douglas Seifert’s shot of a Dugong commingling with snorkelers in a bay in Egyptian as he feeds on sea-grass.

Just 7 of the creatures remain on a sixty two mile stretch of the coastline and Seifert watched with enthrallment as the Dugong was harassed by snorklers till it fled into the depths of the sea eventually. Alejandro Prieto saw his snap of a crocodile feeding on a green colored turtle in Costa Rica approved by the judges.


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