How to Take STUNNING Food Pictures – Food Photography Tips – SGNL by Sony

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  1. no necessarily… just adjust your light properly and you are good to go… I shot nice pictures with P&S and customer just cant believed it… LOL!

  2. بندر عماد

    تشهي يا عمو حسن

  3. so they tell us the camera, but not the lens, aperture or anything else.

  4. live view…. -_-

  5. agreed

  6. jyothirmayi rallapalli

    True… Most pros own Nikon, not a Sony DSLR

  7. AngryLlamaAttack

    78,000 people are instagram users

  8. im sorry but this is not instagram, this is you tube. please make u turn as soon as possible

  9. well. these days you get really good point and shoot cams with f1.7 at all zoom widths.

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  12. mohamed abdel-hady

    lovely tips

  13. Cool tips thanks!

  14. damn he’s happy

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  17. For gods sake this video is about how to take good pictures and all you ppl do is talk about this woman xD

  18. Melody Akhtari is so hot I could listen to her talking about Sony all day long after we…uhumm…you know.

  19. Dania Reichmuth

    Cannot find his website, can you please post a link. Thank you:)

  20. TheChristinasunshine

    She looks like Lisa Ray

  21. I think Sony did a very good job here, the product placement is not hidden – it is very obvious, and it was not only about their product, but could help some photographers. If marketing is always done so well and so win-win I would be very happy with it…

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  25. good stuff, but i dont recommend putting your camera on a water glass with water in it. Try an empty one flipped upside down. OR!, just buy a tripod.