Top photography exhibit

The 2011 British Wildlife Photography Awards touring exhibit is now going on at Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath, and it will go through the summer 1st September, Sunday. Among all the works featured in this exhibit is that of Crich photographer Andy Parkinson, one of the winners in the national contest.

Andy told that it was great that this exhibit is in Derbyshire. This is one of the beautiful places in the country, with diversity of wildlife and fantastic wealth. It is the place he specifically decided to move to forge his career as a wildlife photographer. Andy has 3 snaps in the exhibit that were taken just few miles away from the Matlock Bath. The exhibit would be good for local economy as well as for local people to see the wealth of wildlife in British Isles, as well as his prized manchester united canvas.

Mr Parkinsnon added that British Wildlife Photography Awards is the national contest where wildlife photographers test themselves against their peers. This event is one of the prestigious events in the wildlife photographers’ journal. In this event amateurs can also take part along with pro photographers.

The great thing about this digital revolution is several people now have magnificent photography kits. Part of the happiness of wildlife photography is being in the perfect place at this point of right time. Nature can unexpectedly and suddenly deliver a moment of huge beauty and it is up to the photographer to capture it. He would encourage all people to come and see this exhibit.


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