The Real Truth Behind the Megapixel Myth in 2 Minutes – Photography Tips in Two: Season 1 Ep 1

Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. Jan Erik Edvartsen

    Great video. Also, when having more megapixels, the space the photos (RAW) will take up on your hard drive will increase. Plus LR and PS will require more from the available RAM to process them – potentially making your workflow slower.

  2. sacramentallyill

    That was longer than 2 fucking minutes!!

  3. Great idea, will try to do it =)

  4. dont care about MP… i just got a use D700 for 1250 dollars and i’m plenty happy with it!!! If i should get in to photography to make a little gold then i would be at weddings or corp portraits.. and i believe it will do fine in those categories 🙂

  5. We have our hooks in with Phase One, so we borrow them from time to time for shoots. =)

  6. Julio Guarquila

    simple and elegante

  7. IMO the biggest myth about megapixels is that more megapixels always equals more noise. Usually it is expressed like, “Jeez why did they cram all those pixels on the sensor! I would much rather have better noise performance.”

  8. John Wojciechowski

    Like to know the perceived difference between 12, 16 and 24Mp versus file size.

  9. I thought you were all 35mm photogs? Who has the medium format on the SLR Lounge team?


    I clicked this so I could point out how yet another photographer didn’t have a clue about the importance/truth/whatever concerning megapixels.

    Pleasantly surprised. Nicely done.

  11. any chances for a “full frame vs cropped sensor” in 2 minutes?

  12. Awesome. Simply: Know what you have so you know how to use it!

  13. Daniel DeArco

    Awesome. To the point and very elaborate

  14. Waiting for the “pixel peepers” to flood the comment section  with “i told you so!”

  15. Robert Herrera

    This was an awesome break down of basically the pros and cons of having or not having high megapixels.