67th Wedding Anniversary of the Queen Photos

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and his wife Queen Elizabeth II was welcomed with a flypast on their visit to the most northerly RAF base of the United Kingdom to mark their 67th Wedding Anniversary. The royal couple’s tour was greeted when a Tornado jet and two Typhoons flew over the Lossiemouth in Moray.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip married on the 20th of November 1947 and they made a overnight journey from London on the Royal Train to Elgin and from there they were driven to Lossiemouth where they interacted with the pilots as well as their families. They were first greeted by a royal parade and then the couple took the grand salute.

The queen was grandly dressed in a wooly dress of lavender, a matching hat and a diamond star brooch was presented with a colorful bouquet of flowers by Manchester’s Lennon Gallagher who was an eight year old school boy from Lossiemouth and she also took the opportunity to unveil a plaque at the plaque. This young kid said that he was not at all nervous to hand over the colorful presentation of flowers and was also happy as he got a day off at school for this purpose. He even says that the Queen thanked him and appreciated the flowers to be beautiful.

The Quick Reaction Alert or the QRA had been operating from Lossiemouth for a few months and was a very critical role to play in the UK military. Wing Commander Mike Sutton expressed his joy at the rrival of the Queen and said that it was a pleasure for them to welcome her. There were many families visiting the station that has made things look very pleasant.

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