Photography Tips from the Road – Event Photography

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  1. man i wish you were still following him so i could meat you this month in

  2. you really need some F/1.8 & F/1.4 primes for situations like that,it’s
    just to difficult if you don’t own a full-frame camera.

  3. TheJCphotography

    @kristian1995ringen your lost.

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  5. i Shit RAW

  6. RECProductionsTv

    Nor-fuck? i think its norfolk lol pronounced NOR- Folllkk

  7. i shoot raw also 🙂

  8. What a horrible all dark place. Surely no place for any reasonable person
    to hang out.


  10. Jared, you could have visited our photo lab!

  11. @BloodyInc damn youtube disn’t show the comments D:

  12. It sounds like he is saying norfuck

  13. I live in Virginia Beach Virginia near the Norva I wish I had know you were
    in town so we could have sat and talked XD

  14. I LIVE HERE! I’m at the Norva all the time!

  15. Are you gonna give us photo tips today?

  16. Mariano Argañaraz

    WTF? come on, don’t make the tiltes looks like theres would be some tips…
    this is just an introduction!

  17. @RECProductionsTv No, it’s definitely Nor-fuck. The name is stolen from the
    county in the east of England.

  18. Jared, I love these types of videos please do more of them

  19. @tint93 wow, already?

  20. @tint93 I think it would be more appropriate to say that LMFAO looks like
    Jared… haha!!!

  21. i shoot RAW

  22. 0:16 nor fuck XD

  23. @RECProductionsTv Norfolk, UK was settled 55 years before Jesus was born.


  25. Kittiwut Suantan

    I Shoot Film