Sartore speaks about his photography

The Van Wert region is now in for a treat on Sunday. Joel Sartore, a National Geographic photographer, will offer a look at some of his beautiful snaps photos at Van Wert’s Niswonger Performing Arts Center. Joel Sartore has produced over thirty stories from across the planet as a freelance photographer for this very magazine. At the same time he is also a speaker, an author and a teacher, who loves to entertain his audience with his adventure stories and comedic personality.

Joel told that he prefers to take photographs to make this world a better place. The major project of his career is the Photo Ark, that consists of photos of all living species in this world. After 8 years, he is halfway through this program. It is very important for him to capture some of these species which are almost near extinction and to make people recognize them.

Joel told that he realizes that for many species in this world, time is running out quickly. Half of the world’s species will be threatened with extinction very soon, and the ark is one man’s effort to reveal what is really at stake as well as an effort to get people to care when there is time left. In 8 years, Joel Sartore has compiled snaps of over 2650 species to date and there are several to come.

This assignment and others for the National Geographic have taken Joel across world to some beautiful and challenging environments. One of his favorite location is Antarctica. This is a place where the wild species would walk right up to him as he clicks their snaps. Joel told that Antarctica is place where mankind never got an opportunity to spoil.


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