Salvador Dali inspired Jerry Hanzl’s photography career

To Jerry Hanzl (digital artist), each new day brings a beautiful bunch of previously untapped subjects to seize. To most people in this world, several objects which capture Jerry’s attention may appear ordinary, but to Jerry, these pictures are ripe with scopes for a later composition.

Jerry shoots everything in the planet. He calls his technique as painting with photography on a digital canvas. Every work of his shows a lifetime of interest in art and technology, areas he weaves together in his photographic collages.
When in college, Jerry fell under the charm of Salvador Dali when his premier collection of works was available to all, for free, in Beachwood, Ohio, almost in Hanzl’s backyard. Jerry tells that he used to spend most of his weekends at the Dali museum.

The museum and Jerry relocated to Florida eventually – the museum shifted to St. Petersburg and Jerry to Miami, where he used to work in computers. A photography class at Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale helped him to start is career in photography.

Once he went to Brevard and worked as the telecommunications technology manager for a company. Later he took a job at the Southern Photo to completely throw him into the field. He tells that it gave him the scope to see what was happening in photography and art in the category and that is where he picked up the digital camera. Many people discouraged him and told that what he was doing was completely foolish – that the digital photography was just a fad, but he was quite sure that this was the way to go.

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