The First Photography Event of LO Art Center Witnesses ‘The Artist’s Lens’

Orion Art Center’s very first show about photography explored talents of people who were fond of photography.

Photographers, professionals and non-professionals were seen editing their photos with skills and dexterity. There were many school children who took lots of photos using their cell phones as well.

The event exhibited the famous ‘The Artist’s Lens’ which was actually the competition amongst the works of eighteen people. All the photographs were either in film or digital format including monochromic or color prints.

Alana Hart, the board member of the famous Art Center, seemed very happy with the response. She said the excitement and the passion that people showed for submitting their photographs made her very happy. People actually loved the show, and they were so much passionate that some of them submitted multiple photographs. From school children to aged people, everyone seemed to have a great time. “And that’s the interesting thing, that it’s such a diverse topic,” Hart said. “It’s really beautiful to see all of the ages come together.”

As far as the names of the winner and runner-ups are concerned they are as follows:

Kip Kriigel was the winner of the event for his work known as “Artful Decay.” Stephanie Harris bagged the second position for her creation “Water is Life.” Cindy Howard’s photo “Coming up for Air” made her third in the competition. Savannah Chapie got the honorable mention for her work named as “Marigold.”

Hart said that this photography event was her very first attempt and this show actually revealed talents not only of people of Lake Orion but also of people living outside, so this was a good thing that would help them connect with each other through their art.

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