Flash Photography TIPS: 5 Ways to Change Flash Exposure

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  1. LivinOnLaughter

    Must be a Nikon guy Rofling a thithy tooth of a power @ 3:31. Skip the junk and go straight to that part

  2. Hi how come the sb900 can tell you what Aperture to use when you put the flash in Manual but the sb700 can’t

  3. Very nice and informative video, I was really interested in the last part which you promised to do in another video 🙂 Is that video out?
    Thanks again

  4. if you are on ttl mode and you want to use a gel on the flash for artistic effect or for compensating for the color of light do you need to change the white balance?can we use gels with ttl flash mode?

  5. You will learn the essential aspects of photography. Probably nothing that you can’t get online or from books but you’ll get grants and loans to pay your way through the next 4 years and meet like minded people and be able to have sex with them if you’re lucky. The qualification however, would help you stand out from the droves of people who quit their jobs to become ‘professional’ photographers with their D3100 cameras on auto mode lol.

  6. wohoo Dom rules

  7. Great vid!!!

  8. That’s how to end a video. “This is getting far too confusing”, love it all can’t wait for part two. 

  9. no the channel is different. it does explain it all in the manual you get with every flash you buy. did you not get a manual?

  10. RobertStewartScott

    Great book for Nikon users wanting to start using flashes/speedlights. Hot Shoe Diaries by Joe McNally, Buy it! It’s the baws!

  11. You’ll learn that it’s a waste of money spending that kind of money at a university. I’ve heard lots of complaints from university photography students. I taught myself photography and you get to learn so much more just by watching YouTube channels like AdoramaTV (digital photography One on One), Dombowerphoto and if you wanna spend money then lynda[dot]com > Subject > Photography is a GREAT affordable place.

  12. too good…. best flash thingy ever!

  13. I usually set my pop-up flash on my Hasselblad to “Auto”.

  14. If you only have a 30 tooth I reckon you’re missing a few!

  15. Looking forward to your upcoming short videos on this topic!

    You may want to mention that exposure compensation only interacts with the flash this way on Nikon gear. On Canon gear, exposure compensation only effects the ambient exposure.

    I’m a hobbyist who’s gotten his first flash and I’m sort of appalled at how complicated the automatic TTL flash metering is. It’s soooo easy to make an assertion about the TTL systems that turns out to only be true in some circumstances.

  16. Dom! this was some funny shit at 4:51………..

  17. Thx. And the Channel? So I can further distuingish between different kind of groups, e.g. 4/6 flashes instead of 2/3 (if I want to have different exp. comp.)?

  18. its the best power in the world

  19. that is a very good question…. i might make a video asking for people to give their advice.

  20. what is there to explain?  you set different flashes to different groups so that you can control the flashes power output separately from one another. Or am i missing something?

  21. nope, not that i have ever found.

  22. Hey Dom, is there any way to check how much power did the flash used when it is on TTL mode? Say 1/32 1/16 ….

  23. of course

  24. Is it possible to shoot with camera on M mode and flash on TTL ?

  25. Maybe you can explain the different kind if groups in a flash setup (A+B+C)? Thanks!