Flash Photography Tips

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  1. thanks but you forgot to mention the need of a tripod or other support when using slow sync otherwise any background data the camera captures will be destroyed with the longer shutter. also, if you were using a piece of paper as a diffuser, would you not need to increase the flash’s output to compensate to fire through it? wax paper would be better option?

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  3. now i can point and shoot. thank you!

  4. ThePhotoXpeditions

    Wow! I love the ideas. Thank you for the tips!

  5. Dont cover your flash with a finger!!! It would give you a very red picture instead of decreasing the power!

  6. Nice tutorial!

  7. what type of camera will be best to buy to take photo

  8. amazing tutorial, easy and really well explained. best regards, from brazil. 😉

  9. outstanding videos..i needed to find out more on the 580 compared to the 430 and what i need the flash for is as a support light when shooting at racing circuits or dragracing standing next to the dragracing car, do you think i need the more powerfull 580 ? thanks

  10. Thinks for the great video.

  11. Thank you for the comprehensive but easy to follow tutorial

  12. one of the best tutorial channel, thank you for sharing the knowledge.

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  16. Forgot to say, its an on camera flash (nex7), with only flash comp. but no manual flash adjustment. If i used an off camera flash with manual, and set it to low power……so low that theoretically, at a high iso it will fill the subject but NOT DISRUPT THE BACKGROUND LIGHTING. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  17. hi, i have a dilemma. I like to shoot indoors at high isos to achieve higher shutter speeds. However, as you have demonstrated here, when i use fill flash my subjects are blown out, and even worst, the room’s llight is overwhelmed by the flash. So i bring the iso to 100, the lighting is great, but the shutter is tooooo damn slooooow. What to do?

  18. 7:20 it didn’t warm it, the ambient light just started to come through

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  23. You, sir, seem like one of the nicest guys a person could meet. Thank you so much for talking to us like friends and sincerely wanting to help us.