Landscape Photography Tips – David Oliver

Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. TheSweetDuuude

    2:32 Skyrim

  2. ngomusicgroup

    @Louis Brooks Because in this world and in this life, you can whatever you
    so choose. 

  3. DigitalRev sound…

  4. Louis Brooks

    So why use a Nikon D3x if you’re just going to edit the photos to look like
    they were taken with a film camera? Why not just USE a film camera?

  5. Nice cameras they are. I use Canon though because I prefer the control

  6. Evan O'Connor

    nikon Nikon NIKON NIKON NIKON!!!!!! tips? BLAHHHHH free adverts on youtube

  7. is this guy a photographer or a Nikon marketing exec. ?

  8. Chris Johnson

    @ithree6mafia he said nik software not nikons NX software. totally
    different companies and programs.

  9. What model and make of helicopter would you recommend for those just
    starting out in photography? I have a budget of about $500-1000.

  10. RMackphotography

    Loving the fact that he likes shooting scotland- but I’d like to trade
    places for a month or so. Love my Nikon gear but can’t understand folk
    sayin, “that’s better/ this is better” Gear is about personal finance and
    more so, preference.

  11. This guy is on his squares.

  12. nawet nie próbuje zrozumieć ale patrze jak gada.

  13. Stephen Smith

    this is a freaking advert for nikon

  14. This videos are awesome and very helpful!

  15. @coronobog Thanks for the obvious statement

  16. Muhd rifhan raduan

    Proud owner of :- -Nikon D300s -Nikon AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 -Nikon AF-S
    Nikkor 70-200mm VRII f/2.8 My Landscape Photography Gears 😀

  17. Jeff Preston

    not many “tips”. Nice Nikon commercial though.

  18. @ithree6mafia I think he mean Nik Software, like Color Efex Pro, ect.

  19. Charlie Brown. Wut.

  20. Nice tips on landscape photography. Thanks for that but do those tips also
    work with Canon DSLRs or do I need to get me a Nikon?

  21. it is like he is whispering, the editor should knows this

  22. Muhd rifhan raduan

    @Mydecember1285 yeah, I haven’t own that, yet 😀

  23. Muhd rifhan raduan

    @ithree6mafia hmm, I would say no. But D7000 is better than D300s in many
    ways, like video quality, ISO and etc… but I prefer having an FX slr
    would be better to trade with 🙂

  24. UncleDeadly75

    Totally misleading title and the video failed to sell me Nikon.

  25. Breezy69Bacs

    Nikon sucks