Photography – a passion

Arnprior District High School’ grade twelve student has revealed the product of his artistic skills. In the entrepreneurial hall of fame of the year, Hannah Martin joins Connor Schriver with her new company called Hannah Martin Photography. Photography was Hannah’s passion even before she thought of opening her very own company.

She told that her very first quality picture was clicked years ago. It was a silhouette – a dark object with sunset behind it. That is the time when she realized her love for photography as well as sunlight.

Like most popular photographers, Hannah has her very own quirk which makes her snaps different from others. She added that, she loves to add sun flares and sun beam sin her pictures that gives her photography an unique aspect.

The Hannah Martin Photography actually started as a fund raiser for her trip to Africa – a trip which needs significant funds and most people do not have access to that much fund. Hannah’s company made itself. At present, her Facebook page has around six hundred likes.

Now, she offers snaps for all kinds of orders, whether it is small or big or family portraits, engagement shoots, head shots or concoctions of sun flares. She is only seventeen now and the blend of innovation and youthful initiative makes it more beautiful. Hannah has plans to continue photography as a hobby and later extend it into wedding photography.


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