High key photography anywhwere (flash photography tips)

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  1. Any way to manage this with only one speedlight?

  2. Get rid of that green flare spots on the hair by setting your white balance to a pure white image taken before hand 😉 just a tip because id rather shoot it right than have to edit that crap in photoshop! good short to the point video though!

  3. If you dont have one of those expensive flashes, the high key photography is posible?

  4. f stop … what ever you want just adjust flash power to compensate, iso = low, speed = sync speed.

  5. Amaurii Jimenez

    configuration???  f/ diafragma? iso? speed?

  6. Well, when you do stuff like this the white light in the back comes around your subject and make it look cheap. What you could do is drag your subject further from the wall and stop the main flash on her head down a bit, will give you better contrast and no “overlighting”.

  7. jolly good show, laddy. i enjoy watching your tutorials.

  8. Роман Матвеев

    Hey! You’re holding your camera in a portrait orientation in a wrong way 🙂 Does your nose interfering with a camera? 😉

  9. Dear sir,
    Im a beginner, could you explain how you measure for the light for the camera settings. Any info would be appreciated. tj

  10. Dear sir,
    Im a beginner, could you explain how you measure for the light for the camera settings. Any info would be appreciated. tj

  11. Can I accomplish this effect by using only a flash mounted on top of my cam and a 250 watt video light shooting at the background?

  12. Every time i watch this video, and Dom mentions her name, all i hear in my head is Dara O’Brien saying “Werity werity werity werity!”

  13. Dom. You are the mutts nuts mate. Nice videos. Quick, no jargon, straight froward and clear. Nice one bud. Question – I am trying low key using a single, cheap speedlight. It isn’t working for me. That said, I am practising on my guitar. So, the question is – is it essential to have the subject a few feet from the background? They say there are no stupid questions. This may be the one that breaks the rule ha ha. Cheers anyway.

  14. Hi Dom,

    Can you create a High Key Image with one flash only on the back ground?
    Or do you allways need a 2nd flash to fill some light in her face?
    Can’t you get it by increasing the exposure.


  15. check out the neweer tt560 bout $30 usd on amazon they are amazing if you can get used to manual flashes

  16. wow…  thanks

  17. Dom, do you shoot in TTL (iTTL) or Manual mode? I stopped using the creative lighting system in favor of 100% manual mode on everything, but I’m not sure if that has made it harder on myself or not. I found my CLS shots were overexposing on the skin in aperture priority mode and now I’ve solved that by shooting in manual mode. Thoughts?

  18. Very nice! Helpful photo info. Please subscribe to my channel for more great tips and videos.

  19. TheFivePercenters

    How do we get this effect with one flash? If that’s even possible. We all know that flashes aren’t cheap.

  20. great vid!

  21. Is the pop up firing? Does it have to fire to trigger the other externals?
    Can you link me to the page on how that works?

  22. Have a look at the Nissin or Metz flashes that are compatible with Nikon or Canon wireless systems.

  23. You’d still need to light the backdrop for it to overexpose and appear white, otherwise it would turn out grey (and have Verity’s shadow on it).

  24. I don’t think he is trying to mimic a studio shoot. In a studio scenario you would be working with a white background – not a messy background. To blow out the mess – the background is probably 3 stops over the exposure for the subject (any less and the mess would be visible). In a studio scenario – your background would typically be 1 stop over the subject – to avoid any “bleed”.

  25. you really need to use punctuation. so there are 3 flashes?