Photography Tips and Tricks – Episode #1

Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. great video,thanks!

  2. Great tips and tricks as usual Scott.

  3. Show was great. By the way who’s the author of the music. It was amazing.

  4. my thoughts exactly, really weird!

  5. Good good show. I hope to get as good as you guys

  6. Awesome! This is actually useful… Within the first 5mins of this podcast I learned a ton! Thanks! I look forward to more of these!

  7. cool video, some tip – if you suggest link in show pls put it in description on youtube cos its hard to go on suggested sites thanks

  8. Another show that MAINLY focuses on Nikons. Meh as if we need more of those 😉

    More than have of the show was spent talking about the darn D600. Great. What about users of other brands? I fell asleep on the keyboard waiting for something un-Nikonian to come up! The show is named “Tips and Tricks” not “D-Town”.

  9. so what is the question for the contest?

  10. very nice….

  11. Interesting first show. It can only get better. Lord knows, it can only get better.

  12. Enjoyed the show! Good tips that I can use, and have been looking for a pod such as the one you mentioned for a while now, now I know what it’s called and where I can get one. Thanks!

  13. Kelly0251485698

    very good tips. I enjoyed the show.

  14. this is grate… it would be cool if you have, in your description area, all the Links that you using on the show…

  15. love the new show

  16. Keep it coming guys. It will improve.

  17. 7:55 WHOA. I almost had a heart attack. Please! Never ever do that again! ^^

  18. Scott, thank you for all your work. You’re making learning CS6 a very enjoyable experience for me. I have to admit, I’ve always stayed away from Photoshop because of its steep learning curve to master the program. You’re making this experience wonderful. I’m reading and going through the tutorials in your book Photoshop CS6 for digital photographers. I’ve already produced some work I’m quite proud of. Boy, am I learning. Thanks again and may God Bless you.

  19. The ISO autosystem is the same as in the D7000 🙂

  20. EEK Canon in the intro!
    Oh Mr Kelby, what have you done?