Photography Tips and Tricks: Using an ND Filter – Episode 49

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  1. very good presenter, can you review variable nd filters, is expensive that
    much better?

  2. i think you must be more details,, you’re explaination is for the pro not
    for the beginners,,

  3. Gelacio Pablo III … you rock

  4. Kreative Images

    Great episode. I’m gonna get a ND filter and try out some landscapes and
    portraits. Also will checkout Joeyl’s website
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Stephanie Stevens

    Great tips thanks for sharing! 

  6. Thanks for the JoeyL hook up!! His site is INSANE!! Getting my ND today,
    Super Stoked and Hyped!!! Cool show man, thanks.

  7. what is a good nd filter and which stop should i get to begin with/

  8. Hi thanks for the info its great people like you that teach us the how to
    do I would have given up on Photography if it was not for the likes of you
    and others as I can’t afford the $s for course’s to learn. Hence why I
    could not learn in my early years when I wanted to but now with people like
    you I can learn and go out practice and its mostly all due to people like
    yourself and team

  9. Awesome! thank you so much. I’m gonna apply this when the ND filter

  10. One of the cool things I like with long exposure generally and NDs when
    required is getting rid of people from busy places.
    Great if you’re too lazy to get up early enough for people less tourist
    spots etc.

  11. f/22 sharp all the way through?

  12. Wouldn’t underexposing the exposure darken the scene as well by lowering it
    by 1-5 stops depending on your camera. From the metadata it looks like you
    shot the scene with a d800, only sensor in the market to shoot 7360×4912.
    You could of under exposed your shot by 5 stop (D800) and then that would
    of let you lower your shutter speed to capture streaks at a low aperture of
    Q: Can you also touch on the difference in using a ND filter and using ND
    filters in apps like Nik software?