Photography Tips: Composition & Camera Angles – Filmmaking Tutorial 14

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  1. which camera is this? and how much

  2. This helped. A LOT! Thanks 😀

  3. cano you record a proffesional music video with CANON 60D and 50mm f/1.2 lens ??

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  5. What camera do you use?

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  7. well if yu can zoom, and moved your body physically closer and father, yu can do alot

  8. There are standard names for types of shots, they are as follows: Wide Shot/WS, Medium Wide Shot/MWS, Medium Shot/MS, Medium Close Up/MCU, Close Up/CU, Extreme Close Up/ExCU. These are textbook!

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    Perfectly explained. Thanks!

  10. Amazingly informative video. I know nothing ab making video but i enjoyed every bit of or video. Thanks

  11. If it can zoom in, then yes, actually you can. When he changes the lens on his camera, what he is changing is called the Focal Length, i.e. how zoomed in the image is. The effect is the same with the optical zoom on consumer camcorders.

  12. awesome video

  13. Great stuff, this is exactly what I have been looking for. You have earned a Subscriber. I like your accent too.

  14. Your awesome man, really helps out

  15. Like how you really explain in detail..Now I’m starting to understand. Like your other videos too.

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    So… I’m guessing I can’t apply this if I have a consumer camcorder? Just great…

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  20. Awesome video. With what are you shooting?

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  24. What camera were you using- was it a full frame or APS? Just trying to figure out if there was a crop factor for the lenses. Great vid.

  25. Hi, My name is Bruno. Tom ANTOS your videos are excellent! I am very apredendo with their tutorials. But I need the subtitles.