Photography Tips – How To Make A Manual Exposure

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  1. I am watching all your videos starting from the oldest up to the newest sir
    +Mike Browne and I am enjoying every minute …
    Now that I bought my Nikon D7000 im gonna watch all your videos 🙂

    thank you sir soo much 

  2. That’s why i shoot raws..

  3. Excellent video tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mike , i’m a newcomer to the world of photography and i ‘d just like to say
    that your videos are great , they have helped me to understand the basics
    and some of the more advanced things. Most afternoons ( weather permitting
    ) i go out armed with my shiny new DSLR and practice , practice , practice.
    Super work you are sharing :)

  5. Santino Marinucci

    Fantastic video on Manual exposure. I had been having some issues
    understanding the balancing act that takes place between the shutter speed,
    white balance, and the aperture for quite some time. This explanation made
    it a lot easier to move away from other semi-automatic modes and understand
    my camera better.

    Mike is awesome. 

  6. nevin delgado

    Great effort on your work, very informative!

  7. Great help for a begginer like me…thank you!!

  8. Justin Martinez

    Thanks Mike, I just starting entering to the world of photography, and this
    had me confused. You are very interesting and knowledgable, Thank you for
    sharing, I have learned a great deal!! I hope you continue teaching us.

  9. Shaftesbury on a summer’s day – lovely place to take take some photographs.

  10. Good video for beginners regarding Manual Exposure setup.

  11. New to photography and appreciate your detailed explanation and hands on
    use of the camera. I have increased my basic understanding of using the
    shutter speed and apiture. Appreciate you knowledge and teaching.

  12. Henrik Madsen

    Nothing short of brilliant 🙂
    By far the best video “series” I’ve found, explaining the effects of short
    vs long lens.
    Thank you so much +Mike Browne . You just gave a beginner, a whole new set
    of tools to work with 🙂 And got yourself a new follower

  13. Hello Mike, I really really love your videos. They are excellent work. I am
    wondering though, why should I use fully manual mode if I still have to
    rely on the camera’s meter for correct exposure? Why not use Aperture or
    Shutter Priority and if I don’t get the result that I am looking for, why
    not use exposure compensation?

  14. Photography tips, manual exposure explained.

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    #photographymadeeasy #manualexposuresetting 

  15. Fazlina Nonis

    What camera are you using? :>


    I just bought a d3200, what’s the best lens to use for portrait shoot?

  17. Mike, you are a very good teacher!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  18. great tutorial,straight to the point

  19. Abhishek Chaudhary

    Thanks mike.. this was a great help.

  20. My pleausre:-)

  21. Praveen Ranasinghe

    I got 2 questions… 1. What if I tweak metering settings (matrix,center or
    spot) instead of changing shutter shutter speed or aperture ? or lock
    exposure ? 2. Real benefits of using HDR for the lighting condition find in
    the video. thanks in advance..

  22. Stuart Crawshaw

    Im sorry, it may have been mentioned before but what body do you use in
    these videos? Is it the D300?

  23. nikkitta Argentina

    Exposure, how difficult to chose the right one, I have also a Nikon D 300
    How true what you said about tripods Will do some exercises following your
    tips Thanks from Argentina

  24. Thanks for the tips, very helpful. I was just wondering if this was filmed
    at Shaftesbury? Thought I recognised the area but I could be wrong! Cheers

  25. adrian sutcliffe

    Thank you Mike, your videos are fantastic and very helpful 🙂 can you tell
    me what people mean when they say Expose to the right?? in landscape shots.