Portrait Photography Tips by Bambi Cantrell

Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. too theoratical…. definitions….. shoot the way it feels right.

  2. Expression beats perfection 🙂

  3. What up Philip Charis! lol

  4. This was 100% scripted.

  5. her portraits are marvelous……

  6. Nicely done. Please subscribe to my channel for more useful tips & videos.

  7. Bambi – What are your thoughts on all the photos I’m seeing online now where the subjects have absolutely ZERO expression. The photo in regard to color, clarity, etc is amazing. You can tell that they’ve used PS actions to enhance it and it really is a nice photo, but there is no expression on any of the subjects’ faces, even the photos of children? Is this a fad or is it considered good photography nowdays?

  8. I knew a Bambi once, but she was not in photography. She was in “entertainment,” if you know what I mean, and if that was her real name. 😛

  9. watch her full video its linked at the end

  10. “Expression beats Perfection”… so true for portrait photography.
    Thank you for the tips Bambi.

  11. Totally agree with her point light and shadow.