Why learn photography with film

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  2. You can´╗┐ also “Edit” negatives in a darkroom with chemicals.

  3. I went to your´╗┐ Flickr. All digital. Whats up with that?

  4. supersummersalts

    Hey thanks for the advice. I have looked´╗┐ into getting a film scanner but I don’t have the money to buy one. Also My college has completely changed to digital so I have to a better one then I have.

  5. SuperDashRendar

    The film scans from CVS and other pharmacy stores are a complete rip off. For one it does not show how good film can look and is expensive. The scans´╗┐ are really low quality and size. I just get the film developed and do my own scans. Get a film scanner, flat bed scanner or a take it to a pro place to get scans.

  6. supersummersalts

    That requires knowledge of how to develop film and a darkroom, I have neither. I have been looking for a class that I can take to teach it to me but everywhere has gone to digital. There is a photographer that used film and never been into a dark room call Nan Goldin who took amazing photo’s. ´╗┐

  7. I think you make a pretty good point, until you come to the editing part. Seriously, have you heard of a little thing calld darkroom?´╗┐

  8. @FragNetQc You do realise that film negatives themselves are the REAL RAW format… you can´╗┐ just scan them into TIFF files which are completely lossless and greater detail than whatever “RAW” you get from a digital sensor.

  9. what??´╗┐ i’m serious. i’m not a douchebag i’m saying the truth

  10. supersummersalts

    You gotta love the internet. This is the only place on earth that a pleasant conversation can turn into “ya well´╗┐ you know nothing” at a drop of a hat.

  11. you clearly´╗┐ don’t know anything about raw photos then

  12. supersummersalts

    I use photoshop and it lets me edit jpeg. You can get a film scanner´╗┐ and then you can download them on your computer then edit them. Honestly I don’t like to edit my photos half because I do not have much experience at it and half If a picture isn’t right the first time I take it, it’s not worth fixing it.

  13. I think you give out good points… When shooting film you really have to think..And it helps making better picture. but you still can’t edit photos…

    sure you have your CD…but files will be´╗┐ in JPEG, you gotta edit RAW in Lightroom…there is not point of editing a JPEG photo in lightroom

  14. a rebel xs 35mm takes better pics than a 7D. ´╗┐

  15. Kodak´╗┐ Porta plus my Ricoh KR-5 super beats my expensive Canon EOS DSLR every time without question. Great video mate.

  16. It is very interesting to follow the discussion, weather film or digital is´╗┐ the best method of learning photography. The key is that everyone is individual, so the same method of learning is not the right one for everyone. You do the right thing, saying what worked for you, instead of saying what is right for everyone else.

  17. I totally agree with supersummersalts… digital is like a crutch, taske alot of pictures and hope you get a good picture…. film is awsome, “think about´╗┐ your picture”

  18. You make good points. photography isn’t about speed, learning fast and getting instant results. That is a convenience. A good photo requires thought, discipline and an understanding of proper composition..as well as understanding light. Speed has nothing to´╗┐ do with any of these things. Film forces the photographer to think about the rules of composition more than digital. With digital, you can shoot and see your mistakes right away (it’s a lazier format), film doesn’t give you instant feedback.

  19. I totaly agree with your point of view, i started 4 month ago with a canon 60D + 50mm 1.4.
    Spend a lot a time learning´╗┐ composition rules, aperture, shutter speed, exposure…
    And a week ago i bought a Olympus OM1, with fuji velvia 50.
    Shooting with film was such a incredible experience, it just feel naturel.
    You have to take your time, compose your shoot, think about the right angle, because you won’t miss the shoot, and every shoot will cost you money.
    I’m thinking selling my canon 60D…

  20. I can see what you mean. I guess everyone learns differently.´╗┐

  21. supersummersalts

    For most people ya i think your right, but for me I needed to be stuck with my pictures and forced to really think “how did I mess this one up.” When I made a mistake with my digital I would delete my photo without thinking and just keep shooting till I got it right. Film forced me to´╗┐ learn when digital gave me an option to learn.

  22. supersummersalts

    What do you mean by “forcefully disagree?” I’m not dashing anyone who learned on digital I’m just saying it didn’t work for me. I don’t believe I’m more or less of a photographer just because i learned and still use film. I have a digital camera and it gets more use then my film camera because of its more options and I can experiment more without it costing money. I don’t understand all this animosity towards people who still´╗┐ use film. Congrats on your new camera.

  23. I totally and forcefully disagree with you. If I’d learn photography on film it would have taken me many times longer than it did on digital. Film photography may have helped you, but I’m sure learning on digital made me better faster than I could´╗┐ ever have on film.
    It’s how you think about the process that is important and the art of taking a good picture can be nearly 100% the same on dslr as on film if you want it to.
    Thank Canon for my 400D and for my soon to arrive 7D!

  24. you look like jamie´╗┐ kennedy.

  25. Interesting points.´╗┐