10 inspiring tips from landscape photographer Antony Spencer | Phase One

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  1. £3,495 for a camera,hmmmmmmmm guess i’d be better getting 2 just in case i
    lose 1

  2. Award winning landscape photographer +Antony Spencer travels the world to
    capture amazing images. Antony is partial to the Arctic region and northern
    Scandinavia, capturing stunning Northern Light images and Ice scapes. He is
    also known to go storm chasing in Tornado Alley in the US.

    We visited Antony when he was back in the UK for a short while and we
    picked his brain for tips, tricks and techniques for capturing stunning
    landscape images.

    #IQ260 #PhaseOne #Nothernlight 

  3. How exactly did he did the landscape of the water moving while the flowers
    were still?

  4. This was more of a “does everyone like my toy” video. Suggesting people to
    go out and purchase the best equipment they can is a little obvious.
    Further, pointing to a $25,000 camera as a good starting point is a little
    asinine and, out of reach for most people.

  5. oooh, a phase one. Only £14000. I do wish you guys would ‘tip’ with a
    camera amateurs use rather than a very expensive camera which is out of
    budget for most people. To say the old photos you took with a regular dslr
    weren’t up to snuff, doesn’t exactly fill your amateur viewers with
    Good tips but I’d rather you’d share your tips with equipment most of us
    use. Unless you’ve got a spare phase one, blimey! tut.

  6. Julianne Robinson

    This guy is living the dream

  7. Setting a mirror lock up on Phase One is easy, and yeah, on other cameras
    it takes enormous effort:)
    Sorry Phase One, Nikon D 800 pretty much killed your Rolls – Royce priced

  8. like…

  9. Lookfilter.com Effective Lightroom Presets & Photoshop Actions

    In spite of his young age, Antony Spencer is already an award winning and
    well-respected landscape photographer. Based out of Dorset UK, Antony often
    travels to Scandinavia to capture amazing photos of the Aurora Borealis or
    goes storm chasing in Tornado Alley in the USA.

  10. So does anyone want give me £10,000 + for a Phase One setup?

  11. Fine if you have a rich dad to help and sponsership and advice from Joe
    Cornish A very fortunate person unlike the rest of us….

  12. this is great!

  13. Teamwork Digital

    10 inspiring tips from landscape photographer, and friend of Teamwork,
    Antony Spencer

  14. Brilliant tips! Thank you! 

  15. good tips

  16. does anyone know what filter system he is using?

  17. Giuseppe Natalino
  18. Landscapes were what first attracted me to photography, and this video
    contains some great tips. I think I’m going to have to put some of these
    into action this year.

  19. Why not just secure the strap?

  20. Christopher Johnston

    Some good tips here. Take the advice about investing in equipment with a
    grain of salt, this is sponsored by an equipment maker. Yes, your files
    will be smaller, but your images also suck when you start. Using a Rebel to
    learn is better than waiting a decade until you can afford a Phase One.
    Also, think about what you want to shoot. For landscapes or portraits, a
    medium format is great. For sports and wildlife, not so much. 

  21. Capture 13 Stops of light? Where did you get that from? DxO Mark? That
    is engineering stops (SNR of 1:1). In real life, you will not use the
    bottom 2 or 3 stops because there is too much noise. So real
    “photographers stops” is about 10 or 11 stops. 

  22. Landscape Photography Tips.

  23. Landscape Photography Tips.

  24. As a student of phonology, I LOLed at 7:35 XD

  25. Ricardo Consonni

    W-O-W!!! Great tips! A master class in 8 minutes.