Learn Photography: Understanding Light Metering & Exposure

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  2. NikonD5100Review1

    Great! I’m going to turn lots of people on to this vid! Thru the lens metering is for the bird!!!

  3. what lenses u used indoor portrait in studio

  4. Useful video, Great!

  5. Useful video, Great!

  6. Very nice ,and if you want to win a free Linco light kit for chrismas ,Jion us!

  7. MrGeneralRelativity

    If you are not gay it will be very hard to concentrate on lightning at that kind of job…

  8. exodphotoshoot

    thanks for giving us more idea that helps me a lot about photography

  9. Why do u need light metering? Its kind of funny how most photographers need software to tell them what is proper lighting.

  10. how did u do that? The last 3 pics look great!!!

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  12. XtinaAnnoying

    is this for mac?

  13. Liked the way you have explained…. I hope there will be no issue if I embed this video on my photography portal myhobbyphotography(dot)com

  14. so if i understand correctly….a light meter is basically to save time? because couldn’t you just experiment with different aperatures and iso settings untill you find the look you want?

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  16. FunWeddingFirstDance

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  17. MathesonPhotography

    Yeah, but you can also buy each video individually.

  18. ramirezhelpsout

    Ok, and I learned, what!

  19. The video includes spot metering plus a lot more that we couldn’t include in a 1 minute trailer.

  20. Oh, and incorrect info as well… I mean, anyone should know that you have more than just a dome and a disc if you’re metering. What happened to spot metering? I have a sekonic with a 1 degree spot – guess that doesn’t exist?

  21. very interesting, thanks