Learn Photography: The Main Light

Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Great instruction, but without seeing any resulting photos from any of the shoots, doesn’t help much.

  2. good tutorial but you should fire your cameraman

  3. wastedtalentusa

    Thanks for this tutorial. Amazing. Easy to understand, right to the point, 7:07 minutes of great info.

  4. Thanks for this tutorial !

  5. Great tutorial sir!i really appreciate the way you share your knowledge.thank you very much!

  6. sound advice for beginers….

  7. Geez, I have watched a hundred lighting tutuorials on youtube, but you just made it so easy to understand! Thanks! With all of the mono light manufacturers out there, what company did you finally decided to buy from?

  8. very nice tips! Can you please inform details on what light u are using on the video? I mean, just some quick technical info like power of light, brand and model. Many thanks!

  9. Peter Rodrick

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

  10. Awesome. I have 4 books on studio lighting and the 7 minutes of this video gave better instruction on softbox light positioning than any of the ones I’ve read. 5 ***** video for us rookies.

  11. Nice tutorials!! ‘Luv it!!

  12. verryy good soft box tips man!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I knew most of this, but it was nice to see some tips that aren’t usually covered.

  14. TY TY TY…this has been very very helpful…