Master your Digital SLR Camera and learn Photography

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  1. Nice video,great
    Indian Institute of Photography
    Photography Simplified

  2. ClubbyClubman


  3. MrMonkeyface1010

    Next time; How to make a dull video

  4. check my channel for a review on a dslr for those searching for the best dslr camera to get! 😀

  5. thejonathandshow

    Next time: how to talk slowly

  6. arkhamasylum10

    Oh my god!, What a waste of time!

  7. EmilyRoseSally

    It’s a digital film camera. It’s commonly named “the professional camera” much better sensor and stuff.

  8. Grip firmly like thus!……and pull up and down in a rapid motion!!!

  9. redandbluebeater

    I wonder how long the How To Take A Picture video will be.

  10. kimsterjizznugget

    What the fuck did I just watch?

  11. did you read canon word with head down?

  12. pretty cool

  13. the butler from the adams family

  14. maika0staretza

    what is he on ?

  15. a digital single lense reflex camera !

  16. TheKaranverma15

    Next time : Hows To Drinkss Watersss….

  17. Next time: How to turn on your DSLR

  18. Next time: How to turn on your DSLR

  19. You can not change lenses on point-and-shoot cameras.

  20. Drop it in the ocean, and go buy a DSLR. 😉

  21. photographers: techniques is not creativity.
    Stupid guy with 20d in video: :DDD Everybody’s going to buy a DSLR, but nobody is able to change the lense.
    We are really not stupid, furhermore, if i would do so slowly, my clients would hate me.

  22. How do I change the lens on my point and shoot cam? XD

  23. I wonder if anyone actually bought the DVD?

  24. nice job of doing it wrong.

  25. Edititngtutorials

    who doesn’t know how to put a lens on a camera?